Saturday, May 13, 2017

Raising Spoiled Children

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As a parent we all wonder if we are doing the right things raising our children. I know that as a parent raising 3 kids ages 1-14 with one on the way I think a lot about how my children will be once they are grown up. Have I taught them everything they need to know to make it out in this crazy world, have I taught them to be a good human being, did I raise them to know wrong from right. We all want to say "oh, no my child wouldn't do that" or "my child is a good kid" but in reality that's not always true. Our children as much as we would like to believe it are not perfect. It is not our job to make them perfect, our job as parents is to in still in them what it takes to be a functioning adult who is a good person that is understanding and fair. 

If there is one thing I can not stand it is a child who is spoiled. A child who acts as if they are entitled to everything and anything they want. A child who has to have the new toy that everyone is wanting. I've come across a lot of different types of children who are spoiled. What parents need to realize is you are not doing your child or children any favors by giving into them with whatever it is they may wont on this particular day. I've heard many different reasons to spoiling their children. "I want them to have what I never did growing up" " we didn't have a lot growing up" "I do not want my kids to have to work as hard as I did" Look, I get it really I do. Growing up as a kid my family didn't have much, but my Grandparents instilled into me values that I used til this day and try to instill into my children. Like working for what you want. Once your in the real world as an adult your boss isn't just going to hand you that promotion you want, you will need to work hard to show them you deserve it. Spoiling your child doesn't only hurt them when it comes to the work field but when it comes to making friends and being social. I can tell  you from being around spoiled children it is not fun. I sometimes find myself not wanting to be around them, counting down the minutes until they leave. Their whole personality is very ugly and absolutely without a doubt unpleasant to be around. The sad thing is no one wants to be around them, no one wants to play with them or be their friend and I really hate to say it but even being an adult I do not want to be around them. When your child has had issues with pretty much every person who watched them and has told you they can't watch them anymore along with the fact that they do not have very many friends I think it's time to realize you have a problem. 


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