Friday, February 24, 2017

What I'm reading

So I've started reading this book back around my birthday, I know it's been a while. Well I'm about half way done with it. This is one of the books on my reading list. I will have a list of my books that I want to finish reading this year and hopefully finished others as well. As you probably seen on my whole new years post. I just set a goal of certain books that I've wanted to start/finish. This book was a gift giving to me from my sister in law because I wanted to homeschool my kids this year, but against my better judgement was convinced not to. I have found this book to be amazing, even if you're not home schooling your children. This book has reinforced why I dislike public schools. In reading this book I have now decided that I would really like to teach my kids at home.

I feel like I have let my 2 older children down now after reading this book. So many things I would have done differently. I feel like I have set them up for failure. My son who is going to be 14 years old and my daughter who just turned 11 years old is it too late to change the way they learn? Is it too late to teach them the ways in this book? I feel as though all my frustration with helping them with school year after year and thinking that I was teaching them the right "way" all along has some how made it impossible for them to be successful. Is this why my son has so much trouble in school? Maybe if I would have done a better job of being a parent and doing some much research on such subjects he wouldn't be struggling with things.

I guess it is true when people say that we tend to raise our children how we were raised, though there are some things that as a parent I told myself I would never do with my children. Times have changed so much since I was younger. I know that it didn't make it easy being a young mother as I was when my older son and daughter were born. I always think to myself  'if only I knew then what I know now'. I tend to lay awake thinking about them and how I wish I could go back and do things different. I feel guilty at times having a new child that the things I know now and have learned over the years only help him to succeed and flourish, while my older children have missed out. By no means is our new addition anymore important than they are. You learn and grow.

As the book say's is it too late to try and rewire their way of learning? I guess I won't know until I try and my children's education and success is very important to me. I encourage anyone with children especially with little children to read this book. Whether you wish to have your children attend public school, private school or home school this book is amazing in helping your children learn, also giving you ways to help encourage learning for your children. In reading this you will completely rethink how your children learn and how you should be teaching them. It all makes sense though, I've seen some of the examples as to how the children he talked about in this book have reacted to how my children have reacted. I am by no means bashing schools and their way of teaching, I just feel there is a lot lacking and that maybe the school systems should be rethought. Also understand that they are trying to teach a big class and having to teach in a certain way that not every child learns the same way. Which just further makes my point about wanting to home school my children. This is my option. So if you haven't you should definitely read this book!


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