Saturday, January 07, 2017

New Years Resolution

So of course a lot of people every new year want to make a resolution to lose weight and get fit. I mean I'm not going to lie that's something that I really want to do as well. My feelings on this though are that all those company's out there are a joke. I mean lets be honest what percent of people actually follow through with working out? I know that I'm not one of those people, at all. I get all motivated at first, sticking to it and working out for about the first few months, if that. I feel like there needs to be something that will help keep a person motivated. You just get so busy with life that working out gets put on the back burner. I feel like I'm wasting my money because I would never stick to any of these. As for weight watchers I could not bring myself to pay for food when I so easily could go to the store and buy them my self. I don't know maybe that's just me being cheap like I always am. I admit it, I look for the deals, I shop for discounts buy the off brand foods to try and save what I can. I just feel like these are such as waste of time and money. But if you can keep with it and reach your goals and it works for you then all the more power to you. I just know that there is no way I could stay with any of these and I could never bring myself to pay for any of these either.

So what will my new year's resolution be this year?
To finish a bible study. Read more books. Organize my house. Save at least 1000. Run. Promote my photography business.
Now I make new year's resolutions every year, do I follow through with any of them? Nope. Will I follow through with these ones? Probably not. I love very much to follow through with at least one and I'm going to try my hardest to make that happen. I just need someone on my side to keep me motivated. Someone who will keep me on track. Someone to will hold me accountable. To push me to keep going even when I want to quit.

Now don't get me wrong it's great to have a new year's resolution. It's great that there are those out there who want to lose weight and can stay motivated to keep with it. I applaud you and your strength. I wish I was more like that, because I would love to lose weight. This is something I have struggled with every since I had our daughter and that's going on 11 years ago. within that time I've had another child. This just seems like and endless struggle that I will never win. I want to be motivated to so bad, I just have no time or energy with my kids, house work, work and just life in general.

Well here's to another year in the book and to another new year's resolution I probably most definitely will not achieve.


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Amy Good said...

I bet if you create a plan to go with some of your resolutions you'll be able to make some real progress! I planned to read one book each month and have tried to block out time to read at least a few days out of the week. I believe in you!