Friday, December 30, 2016

Welcome Back

I realize it has been a while since I have posted anything. By now I have had my baby whom I talked about in my last post. And if you are just joining me I was pregnant last year with my 3rd child. By now I am 32 years old. As much as that really saddens me, it's true. So here I sit a wife of the same man for going on 11 years as of August 27th of 2017, now of course the New Year has not rung in, but that's besides the point. I am also a mother of 3 children and I can honestly say that I never really thought I'd be a mother of 3. It's been just the 4 of us for so long that now being 5 seems so crazy. Sometimes I need to stop and really soak it in that I am a mother of a stubborn 13 year, a free spirited 10 (literally as of January a 11 year old) and a  wild, dangerous and free 10 month old soon to be 1 year old in February. I seriously could not imagine my life without any of them! I love them all with every fiber of my being. Life is so much more rewarding with them all in it.

So I know this is late by now, but better late than never. After being induced for the VERY first time EVER and spending some VERY long hours in labor we had a 8lb 15oz 21inches baby boy. The biggest baby I have had so far. His name is Cohen Herman. He's amazing. I love how even though there is such an age gap between his older brother and sister but you would never notice because they have this connection that just amazes me. My heart truly is full.

We have adjusted well with the huge changes in life. I think the best part of having Cohen is how supportive both of our families are. I can not believe how excited they were. made everything a lot easier. There are still some adjustments and changes that we need to do but we are working on it. Alot has happened within these last few months after Cohen was born. Its a huge adjustment going from 2 independent kids to now having a baby depend on you for everything. I guess I can say I am pretty happy with life at the moment, it may not always be great but I have the best people to be going through this thing we call life with.

Many blessings

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