Sunday, January 31, 2016


I find it so funny how people think I'm in control of when I have this baby. They keep saying to me "would you have this baby already" I just think to myself, HA why I would LOVE to have this baby already, but I can not control when this baby will makes it's appearance as much as I would love to. I mean do you really think I love sitting here being completely uncomfortable as I do? My back kills me all the time now, I feel as though my stomach can not possibly stretch anymore, the contractions even though they are the braxton hicks contractions and wont amount to a hill of beans they still do hurt and get really uncomfortable.

I mean it really doesn't surprise me that I am now officially 3 days past my due date and I don't for see this baby coming any time soon. What could possibly be the odds that my 3rd child would be late as well? Our son was exactly 42 weeks late. My doctor told me that if I did not have him that Sunday night that the following Monday he would induce me. Wouldn't you guess that Sunday night at the 42 mark I went into labor. Our daughter was exactly 41 weeks late. She was due on the 10th and I went into labor with her on the 17th. Maybe this one wont make it to the 41 week mark since Sarai did. Maybe the more children I have the less over due I will be. Well I have 3 days until my 41 week mark, I guess we shall see what happens. It's just when you get to the end of a pregnancy you get impatient because you have waited a long 9 months. Also not knowing the sex of the baby doesn't help, because at this point I feel I've waited long enough to find out. I am actually surprised how well I did without knowing. I'm also surprised at Matthew as well. He does not do good with keeping secrets like this. He could NEVER let a birthday or christmas present (heck any gift for that matter) be a secret he would get to excited he just has to tell!

Well I'm making this one a short post because I'm pretty worn out from the day and would like to relax for the rest of the night until it is bed time and then start the whole school/work week all over again. Good night and have a blessed evening!

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