Thursday, January 28, 2016

Good morning! And what a wonderfully bright and sunny day it is! God is truly great! I feel so blessed in so many ways. A lot has changed in my life from the last post (but then again doesn't that ALWAYS happen?) people say that a lot don't they? I'm not really sure where I want to start with where my life ended on here. The biggest news for our family is the newest addition that will soon grace us with his or her presence. We in just  few short weeks will become a family of 5, well family of 11 if you include our animals... Oh yeah that's another thing that has happen, we now have 3 cats! I don't know what I was thinking allowing all these animals to live in this house. I must be crazy, either that or I love my family dearly and their happiness is what I strive for.

So since I have elected to not know the sex of this child, which makes our 3rd (wow, what was I thinking!) We have 2 names picked out! We will either have a Zevi Kay Good or a Cohen Herman Good. A pair of really great names if you ask me. I think they fit perfect with Jacob Michael Good and Sarai Helen Good a pair of great names as well! I sometimes feel as though I'm still in shock over the fact that my husband and I have worked out our marriage and I can honestly say that we have not been happier. I'm sure that has a lot to do with the fact that we have turn our hearts and our lives to God. We have really tired to focus on him and making our lives what he would want. It's amazing that I was just sitting down stairs looking at the certificate we got when we went to that marriage retreat and signed our marriage convent with our children's signature on it as well, looking at the date thinking I can not believe that this year will be 3 years since the worst time in my life. I didn't realize that my life could have reached any lower part than it had 3 years ago. I like where I am at and I like where my life is going. I don't think that Matthew and I could have thought of a better way to start anew and have a fresh start in life than bringing another child in our life. The crazy thing is when we were at the marriage retreat I seen another couple there that is from the same town as us, they have a son and a daughter and are expecting a child around the same time as we are! What are the odds of that happening! It just amazes me how God works.

I am over the moon excited about this new adventure that we are going to be taking in life! We have waited a long time to have another child. Jacob is 12 going on 13 this year and Sarai turned 10 this year. There will be an age gap, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love how involved the 2 of them are. I love that they are old enough to understand and help take care of this baby. They are super excited! (well mostly Sarai) I can't wait to see all my children together and document their lives together. Matthew is so excited, he's been so excited from the start! It's so sweet and so wonderful to see him so involved and excited! Not that he wasn't for Jacob or Sarai. I think it was more of a shock with Jacob since we were so young and not married. Sarai was a real shocker because we just got married and had a 2 year old and were not expecting another baby. It was a lot to take in a year and being so young. I feel like we are more mature especially Matthew. (I guess that comes with age) I think the best thing about this pregnancy is sharing it with Jacob and Sarai, Matthew being so excited and involved and most of all when he will rub my tummy and talk to the baby. Him and Sarai will do that a lot. She will even read to the baby it's too cute! I started off having some doubts about this pregnancy after I became pregnant. I think a lot had to with the fact that my other children were so much older, that I was older. I felt like I was out of practice. A lot has changed since I had my 10 year old let alone my 12 year old! I was afraid of the age gap between them being too much, I have a fear of Jacob and Sarai feeling pushed to the side or forgotten. I just need them to know that they are just as important to us as this baby. Even though this baby will need a little more attention than they will doesn't mean I love them any less. Then I started to think this was a mistake, that I we should have waited longer, that I wasn't ready. That maybe I'd never be ready. I just felt like this wasn't really happening. That I really was not pregnant. It was like I seen all these baby things, had a baby shower, my stomach growing baby kicking and moving, but I still couldn't imagine this tiny little baby being mine. I've been around baby's a lot, but they were not mine, I had to give them back. So I felt this baby isn't really mine and I would have to give it back. I don't think it will all become real to me until I see that precious tiny baby in my arms, but even then it may take awhile to realize that this is my baby and no one will take he or she from me.

So here is to a wonderful adventure ahead, I'm glad your here for the journey.

have a blessed day!

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