Friday, March 06, 2015

So yesterday while we were having dinner at Myros here in town my husband asked me "Why dont you scrapbook anymore" taken back by this question only because I guess I never thought he noticed the little things like scrapbooking that I do. I replied "uh, what?" So my husband asked me again. So after a second thought I told him "Life" that is what I told him. Which then got me to thinking that really what is holding me back? I quit my job to start my own business and be more of mother and wife. I wanted to spend what years I had watching and being there for my children. But if you think about it isn't scrapbooking part of that? I mean my JOB is to take photos and I take so many of my children to document my childrens lives why shouldn't I make a scrapbook of these wonderful memmories? So I am going to try really hard to start scrapbooking my childrens life. I love crafty things anyway why not. I mean I started a scrapbook for each of them and then a wedding album so why not finish them?

People make so many plans for the future and keep telling themselves that they will get to it later or this year will be different I'll finish that project I've been working on, I'll get to it soon... and that time never ends up happening. So I'm not going to make any promises, I'm just going to say I'll "try" and work on it to finish these before my children are grown and gone. Maybe I need to re-priorities. Manage my time wisely. Things that everyone tells themself that they will change or fix.

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