Thursday, April 25, 2013


Well, here's to change! (: i'm so glad that i changed my blogger, because i think i'm in love! ha, if that is even possible. i like this look much better. i think this is the look i've been looking for.

Forgive me for not posting for a while. life has thrown me some lemons let me tell ya. i told someone life needs to stop throwing me lemons because i'm getting real tired of making lemonade.  {hope that put a little chuckle in youre day & a smile on your sweet face} So i just recently took senior pictures of my cousin. i think they turned out awesome, i just hope they feel the same way! i also took some maternity pictures for my littlest sister. {you know its still hard to believe that shes gonna have a baby} i think they are absoultly adorable! i love babies! i miss mine being little. i think what i miss most is how they needed me so much.

I havent been doing a whole heck of anything lately, i mean since i didn't have a job. speaking of jobs, i started back a dollar tree. i know it's not much when youre coming from a preschool teacher. i do miss the preschool, but i feel it just wasn't the right fit for me. i like where i am right now. not only do i get to work with my best friend, but it gets me outta the house. i'm also not going to be working alot of hours, which is ok with me because i think i have figured out what i want to do. i wanna go back to school for psychology. i've been looking into schools where i can do it all online. i really shouldn't have alot of classes that i would need to take since i took alot of them at Northwest State. which is a really good thing considering i'm going to be 29 yrs old this year. it's amazing to see how old i am, because when youre a kid you think 'man i can't wait to be an adult' yeah and now look at it all the adults are saying 'man i wish i was a kid again' i know i feel that way alot of times, mostly when i get the bills in mail or i look at my bank account and think, ugh... all that money and it's gone before i know it. be blessed & be safe.

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