Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A new yr.

So another yr bit's the dust.
Well there you have it. the yr 2012 is now officially over. My 9yr old son & i were talking and i said that he would have go back to school the next day. He of course like he always does says " uuuugghhh, i dont wanna go back to school" so i told him that well, look at it this way you only have 5 more months of school left, then it's summer vacation! As i said that i realized, WOW. 5 more months and another yr of school is over. How can it be? Where did the time go? When you think about it time really does go by fast. I wish that there was a way to make time stop, even for a few hrs. Not only in the yrs or months, or heck even days, but the hrs as well. there never seems to be enough hrs in the day. As i think long and hard about this i realize that i have yet to do something with my life. How is it that i let this one detail of my life sneak by?

I keep thinking about that episode of Family Guy. Where Francine was the littel girl who fell down in a well and was saved by a fire man whom they thought died trying to save her. She's so up set because everyone keeps asking what she did with her life. That this guy died to save her so that she may live and have a life. but in her eyes she just wasted her life, and now it's too late she too old. Granted i am only 28yrs old (not yet 30) but still as you know time does go by way too fast. i dont think that i can keep up. i have nothing to show for my life right now. what accomplishments have i done? I have not finished college, dont have a career, i do not live in a big house... I am definitely not rich by any means.  heck i dont even think that i've done a very good job tyring to teach my kids. I think above anything else that's the worst. If there is anything i know without a doubt what i want outta this new year is that i want to teach my kids. I want to teach them how to be a good person. i want to instill in them morals and to know right from wrong, how to treat people. I just want them to go into the world the wonderful people that i know they can be.

if i do not do anything with my life i at least want to do this.

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