Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Here it is.

Well, i still haven't really taken the time to think about what i want outta life. am i procrastinating... just a little bit. Even though i do not have a job right now i feel as though i'm busier than ever, if that is at all possible. I think with the holiday just around the corner it is the perfect time off to think about what i feel i need to be doing. Janurary leads us to a new yr. So with this new year that means new goals, new plans, new ideas & most importantly new direction. amazing how a little bit of Glee can find it's way into my blog. (:

I am pretty nervous about what or where i should be going next year. i feel like i have so many ideas going through my head. i feel as though i need some inspiration. no body ever got any where just sitting around doing nothing. If you put youre mind to it you can do anything. I just need to try and put my mind to what it is that i really want. but i guess that is the biggest question of them all what is it that i really want? I am 28 yrs old and i feel that i have nothing to show for my life. Is this my rock bottom? I dont know, i think my life could be at lot worst than it is. but heres hoping that it doesn't. #1 mission is to finish all my christmas shopping. How is it that i have completely over seen how much presents that i have gotten my son. My first born at that. I think that i was too focused on making sure that Felicity & Trinity had enough presents that they didn't feel left out. How is it that he could be so completely laid back and ok with what ever changes happen in our life? How did he get to be so grown up? 9 yrs old going on 30. (: I guess with this whole situation i dont want my children to feel like i'm putting them on the back burner.

as in the words of Rachel from Glee,
when is it going to be my turn to shine


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