Sunday, December 16, 2012


I've made a really big change in my life at this momment. I've currently went from one job to another. with each job though it was a better career choice.

Though currently I have quit my job and now have no job. I think that I'm still processing this. I feel as though all i've been doing is working. at one point i had 2 jobs at a time. how do i go from working all the time to now not working at all? am i worried well of course i am. but i did alot of praying and asking for advice from plently of family and friends as to what would be the best course of action for me. all roads lead me to here. jobless. now i dont want you to get the wrong idea. i loved my job, or though i thought. after almost 3 months of working my job i came to realize that maybe this wasn't the job for me. some may say that it had to do with my co-worker, but i dont like to think of it that way. when youre told that your not doing the job you are being paid to do you start to re-think about why you are working there. now don't get me wrong, did i just sit and be lazy, no. i do feel that i did my best at this job. i went to work on time worked hard, thought i got my work done. but i guess i wasn't working hard enough. isn't that what life is about? changing jobs until you find the one you like or that fits youre life the best? i dont know maybe i just keep telling myself that because i'm so depressed about not having a job. ''/ i really dont know where my life is suppose to go from here. i think before i rush out and find the first job that i can i want to take the time to think about what it is i want outta life. where do i want to go in my life right now? think about the long run. my future, my husbands future, my childrens future.

There has been alot of changes in my life right now. so many of which i wish wasnt happening at this momment in  time, but there isn't much i can do about it. i am nervous, scared and worried all bundled into one perfect package. there are so many times that i would love to just hide away in a closet and just pretend everything is perfect. but we dont life in this perfect world and hiding away in a closet isn't going to change anything. do i know what the future holds for my family. NOPE. not at all, but i'm going with it.

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