Friday, February 24, 2012

so i've installed this app on my phone called myfitnesspal. i really like it. its nice and easy to use. when you first install it you need to put your weight and what you want to loose, it then will have you put how much exercise you will do every day. it will then give you an allowed about of calories that you can consume for the day. you then put what foods you have eaten for the day and it will calculate the calories for you and it will tell you how many you have left. its awesome. i really am feeling very motivate to use this app and to try and loose weight. my only problem is what kinds of foods to eat. i went to the store and picked out some lean cuisine meals for myself. i also need to try and drink a lot of water. that is one of my biggest down falls, not drinking enough water. i know your suppose to have at least 8 glass's of water a day. ugh its just so hard. i'm really motivate to get down to the size i use to be. i think that has been a goal of mine for yrs now.

i think though that i have so many things that i am wanting to get done as a new yrs resolution. i just need to take each of them one at a time.

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