Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So i changed the look of my blogger. due to recent news from my family i have come to realize that i should change the look and literally feel of my blog. i am so thankful for the two children that i have and the wonderful husband that i'm married to, that i felt like i need to in a way prove to the world and to them how much i love and cherish them.

when i started this blog i just wanted it to be a private affair. i didn't want anyone to know about it let alone read it. but after looking at other blogs and reading about all these other families who have allowed me into their lives so to speak, i felt that i should do the same. so with that here is a photo of our day at the park.

For me there are no words to describe how much i love them. they are my world, they complete me. they always make me smile. and with the weather that we had today i thought how nice it would be to take my wonderful children to the park. 

- i love you Jacob and Sarai forever

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