Tuesday, January 03, 2012


well another day of posting, what's the occasion. (: nothing really just that i felt like posting another blog. i feel as though i have so much going on right now i have to vent. (taking a HUGE sigh) life just seems to impossible right now. i feel like i have so much to do and not enough time. where honestly do the hours go? i guess maybe you have to know me to understand my life completely and fully, but that is for a different day and a different post. for now i will keep my privacy. do you ever feel as though your in a clear glass that is half full of water and your just swimming around trying to keep a float? and your in a glass so you can't get out because the water isn't to the top. theres nothing to grab onto... you just have to float. you know how much work it is to keep your self moving. and sometimes you go under just because your arms wont move anymore and the struggle your way back to the top of the water? that's how i feel right now. i feel as though i'm struggling... i feel like i have so much work going on, so many things to do, that i am literally exhausted. i'm tired. i just feel like i need a vacation. i want to sleep... just sleep. my new years resolution is to get my house back in order & pay off bills. i know pretty lame. i guess i could have gone with what everyone else goes with and said to loose weight, but for me that's an everyday all the time thing. i'm always wanting to loose weight. but i'm done with that. i'm done with looking in the mirror and completely hating how i look. if everyone around me can love me for who i am why can't i? i've been wanting to get my house in order for along time now. i want my house to be clean and nice... roomy even. i want to do some painting, fix doors, walls and ceiling. i mean my house is old. we are talking 1920s old, but if we can get things fixed and painted  and CLEAN i know that we can make this house look really nice. along with the thought always on my mind, once we decide that we want to move it will make it easy to sell. i'm pretty excited to see all of this be accomplished this year. i know that once i put my game face on and get to i can accomplish it. i'm a list keeper so i am going to make a list of everything that i want done this year and work my butt off to get them done. i love being able to put down all of my thoughts and feelings.... i've always loved journals. i have so many.

lets get inspired...

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