Monday, January 23, 2012

who are they? i don't know who they are, no one does. they know who they are and that's all that matters. to me they are my hero's. they are doing something that i do not have the ability to do or say. i believe in everything they stand for and the things that they have been saying is what i've felt and believed in a long time ago. i hope that everyone learns and hears about them, the people need to know whats going on in our government. i feel the a strong need to be apart of this. i feel like this is what i need to do. i feel so strongly about what they are saying. it is like they are reading my mind. how can i help make this HUGE?

you maybe wondering how they got started and why. well if you are like me you may not be up to date with whats is really going on in the world. i'm really bad about keeping up with the government. though i may not know alot about whats going on, but i do see and hear what is going on enough to know that i do not like what i see or hear. slowly it starts little by little the government is going to tell us what to do or how to do it. we think we are free but really we are not. the government  wants us to think that we are free while they take our freedom right under us. anonymous has come to realize this. they are apart of the occupy wall street. and occupy wall street is about the people and their rights and freedom. seeing all this on YouTube and the news makes me think of years ago when i was a kid watching movies where there are resistance and the people against the government, you kinda like terminator. (lol) with all this going on it makes me wonder where our future lies.... what will become of us? how will this all go down? should i be worried? the question that i think we all have to ask at this point is which side are you on?

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