Thursday, February 03, 2011

well. its a new year. 2011. so far this yr has not been off to a great start. there was a great loss in my hubbys family. but as there is an end to one life there is a new chapter to start with another life. my younger sister tasha just got engaged. bout time. they have been together for 7yrs and they are going to have their 3rd child. i think its about time. hahaha. im so excited for her. but as i get caught up in the excitement i feel guilty bc of the death of joey. i feel like some how its wrong to be happy right now. i just feel like things are different. i hate death. i hate how i feel afterwards. the things i start to think about. its always hard for me to understand gods reason for it. but i would like to think thw he just doesnt get a kick outta allowing only the greatest of ppl to die. even still it seems unreal. maybe this is all just a dream.

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