Saturday, June 05, 2010

i'm feeling down. i feel like, i'm unimportant. i try my hardest to be the best big sister i can be because i love my brothers and sisters, but i feel like they could care less bout me. i feel like i'm left outta alot of stuff. right now i feel like i was ditched for someone else which makes me feel like crap. not only me, but my kids to. jacob and sarai were so upset that jasmine never came back. its like one text from misti and she's all about leaveing. then dakota calls and you know, she doesn't see dakota alot, but geez, after your done hanging out with him, why couldn't you come back to hang out with us? you are
with her, you live with her for gosh sakes. oh which reminds me of another point... i thought all those times i offer to let you move in you couldn't because you didn't want to live any where but wauseon.... ummm its funny because last time i checked, archbold wasn't wauseon. but its all cool to move in with her huh? makes me feel like crying. i try not to let it bother me, but i mean... come on. really? i'm your blood sister, i just guess i'm not as cool as she is. i mean, what does she got that i dont?

feeling lonely.


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