Thursday, May 20, 2010

yeah... so i tanned today.
and i got burnt bad! i should have stayed at 10min like i wanted to. but the lady said 2 mor mins wont hurt anything.... ummmm well where is she now while my back burns like a mother. it's acutally kinda funny because the front top of me and the back top of me is beat red, while the front and back of the lower part of me is as white as can be, oh oh and down the right & left side of me is as white as can be. it looks so funny. now that's gonna suck when the front & back of me is tan, but down the sides wont be.... i wish i could tan in the booth. i hope that i have at least some color before we leave for vaca. i dont have to be super tan, just have a glow or something. ugh. today was a horrible day.
The End.

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