Thursday, May 20, 2010

So i bought the wii fit plus. i have wii fit the first one. now i have the 2nd one. omg, i just worked out tonite and boy did that like totally kick my ass! i haven't worked out... well actually done any excercise in like forever. lol i felt as though i might die. i did some yoga, arobics, strength training and balance games. i'm without a doubt better at the yoga stuff. hahaha i love yoga, i just wish that my body didnt hurt so bad doing some of the excerises. my body just felt so stiff, even the fake instructor said so. i think next time that i do that i'm going to stretch first. doing this tonite made me feel really old. then again it didnt help that the little wii board calculated my age to be 44. hahahaha thats actually really funny bc i do feel alot older than i should. which i guess is more sad than funny. depressing as well. i think thats why i stopped with the whole wii fit, i guess it just made my self estem go down seeing how much i weigh and my age. seeing that makes me think...
am i really that fat?
i mean i see myself in the mirror naked everyday... i dont seem or look that fat when i see myself. but aparently i am. then it just makes me want to crawl in a dark corner and hide myself from the world bc i'm too ugly to fit in with the rest of the world. i look at my family and wonder... how is it that we are related? how is it you could be so perfect and beautiful and i can be so ugly and fat? but this is the body that the
Great Lord
gave me and i should be happy with it becaue no matter what he still loves me. but sometimes i wonder if it is enough for me. love me for me....


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