Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Well, this post will not be any fun to read it will just be of me venting. So if you care not to read on please close now.

Anyhow why am I venting, what happened to make me need to vent? Well, the fact that a person I thought was my friend finds the need to be childish and immature. Why is she childish and immature you ask, well that is simple and very stupid at the same time. I have a facebook account and post pictures on there all the time. So posting pictures of my friends and I at our other friends bachorlette party at a club didn't seem any different to me. That was until my friend recently got facebook. Now these pictures that are on my facebook have been on there for at least 3 yrs now and I will now take the time to say that no one has ever and I mean EVER comment about any of those pictures let alone the one that I am talking about. Well, anyway, she logs on last night and sees that I have tagged her in some photos, well the one is of her and I and she's like totally drunk not looking at the camera. She call's me up and is like "om gosh, I can't believe you have that pic of me on there" and I was like what pic? she's like "the one of you and me and I'm like totally drunk" -laugh- then I say "yeah I know you were totally drunk" -laugh- then she's like "you have to take that pic off, I look so horrible" all the while she's laughing and joking about the photo. We even at one point were talking about the beads that we had around our neck and about that night. Then she says "I'm going to put that one pic of you up then" -laugh- I say "oh, ok, whatever" -laugh- "just remember I have embarrassing pictures of you too" -laugh- then she says "oh ok whatever" -laugh- then she from what I thought was pretending to post this pic of me on her facebook. Now let me tell you this picture is awful, just horrible and I hate it with a passion and she knew how much I hated this picture. We then get off the phone with each other. I was busy cleaning and wasn't about to get on the computer and take this photo off right at this time, she didn't sound to hurt or upset by the photo so I didn't see the need. Though once I got on my laptop to edit the photo low and be hold I see that she did upload this photo of me. At what point in the convo did this come to the point of this? All the while she keeps saying "it's ok for you to do it to me, but not for me to do it to you?" DO WHAT? what did I do? upload this damn pic like 3 yrs ago? If my whole point was to embarrass her don't you think I would have done it by now? But no, she has to then take it to the level of -fine then I'll post this embarrassing photo of you!- come on, how old are we? Yet she says to me, "I'm done with this drama" DRAMA?!?!? om gosh! are you kidding, if anyone was bringing the drama it was her! She's the one who had to upload that photo of me in some sort of retaliation. She's the one who's like "you did it now I'm going to do" now that's handling the situation maturely. Whatever. I'm much more mature than that. If she would have just been like "no, really Brandi I really do not like that photo could you please take it down?" I would have took the time to get it off right away, but she didn't, she didn't even seem that upset, she was joking and laughing! I had every intention of taking it off, just not right way I was busy and it didn't seem on top priority. Me on the other hand, as soon as I seen the picture I burst into tears. I just couldn't believe she would stoop to that level. What made it worse what that she knew how much I hated that picture and how embarrassing it was, and she did it anyway and then someone commented on the picture saying "laugh out loud funny" How fucking embarrassing. I was humiliated. I was also so very hurt. The fact that she did what she did seemed very immature and hurtful. I didn't post that picture of us 3yrs ago to be mean and embarrass her, on top of the fact no one even commented about that pic.... NO ONE. I am still really upset by the fact even now. I could just cry about the whole thing! If the pic of us that I had was that embarrassing to her, why didn't she act like it... she didn't sound like she was crying or pissed or anything.... but now, Oh now, it's a big deal. yeah right, she says to me "now you see how I felt" really, really that photo was so awful you stayed up all fucking night bawling your eyes out!!!?!?!?!?!??!?! yeah, didn't think so. SO NO I GUESS I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! Just the fact that she's going to go as far as to post embarrassing pics of her "friends" as she calls them seems pretty shitty. Guess I wasn't a "friend" after all.

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