Thursday, February 19, 2009

well it's been awhile. How have you been my little blog? I have noticed that my bad luck has not stopped. Matthew has just gotten demoted from his job. He is no longer a material handler, he has to work on a press. Which he will be making a dollar less & he is already not working on Fridays. So this should be fun. He wont be making as much a week. It is amazing though when you think that you can not take anymore trials and tribulations you put your faith in God and he gives you this overwhelming sense of peace and faith. (: I just keep thinking this is just a test, he's only testing me... if all those other great people in the bible can survive even when they are being tested by things far worse than I am then I feel that I can completely over come my husband being demoted from his job & us making less. I just have to look at it as he has blessed me with so many things that others do not have. At least I have a home, my kids are beautiful and in good health. My husband still has a job. There are people who have a lot less than we have. I have to be greatful and blessed for what I do have and not what I 'want' to have. Want's and needs are two BIG different things. As long as I have faith and believe God will not leave me high and dry. He will be there to provide from my family and me. He always has, even if it is just making it by, at least I am making it by. I just need to have a better faith... to read my bible to pray more... I need to show have show him that I am a true believer and that I am thankful for the things he has given me. Thank you dear God for all you do and have given.


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