Saturday, January 13, 2007

ok, i was wrong. Life could suck more. we got are car towed. how awsome is that? since matthew got laid off from Tomco, things just went down hill... in a BAD way. come on God, geez, you think you could throw anymore at us! it gets harder and harder to keep your faith.... i'm tring, really i am. i'm tring to look at the positive's, but.... i dont know if i can keep a happy face anymore. i want to cry. i want my mommy to tell me everything is alright, that i will be ok... i just want to let everyone know, how much life sucks, but i dont. I dont bc i'm ashamed of how tough life is right now. i'm so ashamed. =[ i dont want help, i dont want anyone to help me. i just can't stand ppl helping me bc they feel bad, or bc of my kids. i will do this, i will show you all that i can make it work. i will. i'm a strong person, i have the will and i will do it. i promise. i can not fail. i can't. failing will mean, that i have lost. it will distroy me. and i'm not about to lose now.


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