Saturday, August 19, 2006

So i have been thinking alot about getting baptised. i've never been baptised before. i'm nervous but not about the whole being baptised it's self it's the whole giving my testimony. i'm not really one to talk in front of people. and when your talking about such an emotional thing like how my life was before i excepted the Lord into my life and how it was effected after i did. i'm not sure how or where to start. but i'm confident that the Lord will help me and show me what to do. i know that with him i can do anything! knowing that i'm publically professing to everyone one that i believe that Jesus died and rose again just for me and my sins, and that he is my Lord and Savior makes me getting nervous or emotional all worth it. having his love makes me happy and i'd like to let everyone know that. he's touched me in way's i can't even discribe. he's giving me so much to be thankful for. i don't know what i would do if i lost that. i really feel like i want to, but how do i know that it's the right time?

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