Friday, June 30, 2006

well. i'm not sure what to write about. I've been tring to drink more water bc water is suppose to help you loose weight. Lets see if it works. I think i might ask Ben about that diet he did. Bc he lost lots of weight and he look's good. I wish i could loose weight. I want to so bad. I've been tring to cut down on what i eat. it's kinda hard but... i'm sure i'll do it. I gotta start going to curves more... this sucks.

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Lord Omar said...

My partner and I have been together almost 7years. She is 5'2" and has for just about all of our years together been overweight. She has struggled with bulimia, but that was before I met her. The end of last summer she decided to get serious about weight loss. She joined Weight Watchers and to date has lost about 60lbs. I am very proud of her, but I also loved her the way she was before. At the end of the day, it's about the person on the inside.