Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Baby products

So if you have read my about me section you will know by now how thrifty I am and how much I love to save money.

So I like to save money but also like to have things that work well. I'm willing to spend the extra to make sure that I have good quality products, because lets face it nothing is more frustrating than spending money on something and it not work, broken or stop working after only a few use's.

So I'm going to share with you some things that I've found to be very useful or helpful and at great prices, because remember I love to save money and I'd love for you to be able to as well!

So after using like 3 baby baths over the course of 2 years, because if you did read my about me section you will know that I had 2 babies back to back. So when I had my 3rd baby we were gifted a very expensive baby bath, I guess it was the new rage in baby baths.

It was the 4 mom baby bath looked like this one right here. We were gifted this tub by someone who swore by how great it was. They loved it! I thought this is great I don't have to go out and buy a new one! A baby bath just isn't one of those things you ever remember you need. At least that's how it was with me. So we get this home and take it out and man, it's like wow how awesome it has this holder for the soap and a cup to help wash the baby and it has this separation from the part where the baby would sit and has a thermometer so you can see how hot the water is before it even gets to the baby. I was like wow this is neat! So I have our son, he of course like most babies needs a bath sooner or later. So I'm ok time to check out this new baby bath. First thing I notice, it's huge. Way to big to even sit safely on my sink in the bath room. So I would either have to set it on the kitchen table or in my tub. OK not a big deal. So I used it even thought I really wanted to use it in my bath room sink area so I wouldn't have to be on my knees. So I use it to give my son a bath and I used it maybe 2 times. It not only was huge, but thermometer part stopped working and the plug wouldn't work and water leaked all over. For the price the quality didn't seem that great. I would not recommend buying this to anyone. You can save yourself the 60.00 because this ranges from 59.99-89.69 your welcome.

We then went back to the original baby baths the ones with the netty part like this. Which is a OK baby bath, still not a favorite. The issues I had with this one were the same I had with my first 2 babies, they didn't have enough support to not flop from side to side. Then they would keep sliding down, to the point they would just about fall off the seat all together. But my biggest reason was you would have to fill the bath tub so full before any of the water would be on the baby. I don't know about you but I would not want to sit in a tub naked with no warm water to warm me. So I wanted something that would actually sit in the tub.

I finally found one that I really like. I found it on Amazon and I love it. My original purpose for buying this one was because I wanted to be able to bath out new baby in the bathroom sink so I wouldn't have to bend over and be on my knee's. So I found this on on Amazon and I love it! The price isn't to bad either. It's no way near the cost of the first baby bath and just a bit more than the second. Here are some photos of my little one taking a bath using it. As you can tell he like's it and so does momma!

The material is soft and squishy. It reminds me of the same kind of material like those water ball's you would play with in the pool, how they soak up the water. This is non-slipping. There is a dip where the baby sits to keep them from falling out or sliding down. Most of all my son is actually in the water. He loved it he was kicking his feet slashing away! The size is fairly big, but can still fold up to fit into a sink. It's very thick as well. It's like a pillow. If I were a baby I would defiantly sit on this. This has a loop on the top of it and a hanger to hang it up when not in use. The material is breathable so you don't have to worry about mildew or mold as long as you ring out all the water then hang up to dry. This is washable as well, just do not use fabric softener on it and very little soap and air dry only.
This is on my mommy must have list! I could not be happier about this product. I like so much better than those big plastic ones. It is easy to store and easy to use. The price is pretty easy on the wallet as well, and like we all know... I love to save money! You can order this on Amazon for 19.99 and if you have Amazon prime then you get free shipping!

If you would like to check it out I have included the link below.


Monday, February 19, 2018

So I'm going to take a minute and explain to you how I totally fail as a mom right now. So where we live our news paper does this thing called the Baby Times. This is a featured page or pages in the news paper where parents from the area can send in photos of their baby or babies born within that year. Well for each of our babies I have done this... until this one. I have missed the deadline to send in his photo. I looked at the date on the paper wrong, or I'm going to blame it on my mom brain. 

I actually cried. When I seen that I got the dates mixed up of when the deadline is to when you needed to have the photo in by I balled my eyes out. I'm kinda OCD when it comes to certain things. I did it for all 3 of my other kid's I HAD to do it for the 4th one too! How could I let this happen? How could I not read the information right? How could I fail so bad as a mother? 

This is my mommy minute,

Friday, February 16, 2018


Forgive me for being so behind on like... everything. I've been busy with my 2 littlest ones they have been sick with stuffy/runny nose's, fever and worst of all a cough. We actually took the youngest who is 5 months to the ER just to be sure it was nothing more than just a cold and not that nasty influenza that has been going around. With all those deaths that have been going around which were too close to home my husband and I were not taking any chances with our sweet little guy. So needless to say it has been a rough couple weeks... I mean it's OK to have showered... eh, maybe twice in 2 weeks right? Not to mention I've worn the same pair of leggings for about 3 days now... that's including sleeping in them, you think I'm kidding but oh no I am not. 

So not only did our littlest get sick our next youngest also got sick or should I say still sick. They both have a cough and runny nose, but no fevers so I'm praying that the worst of it is over and we can start the process of over coming this. It has been about 2 weeks, I do say that is quite long enough. So as a mom of 4 with the youngest being 5 months and recently 2 years old and home schooling my 14 and freshly 12 year old life with sick babies is busy! Having sick babes isn't only the best part, we are also trying to redo our bathroom... our 1 and only bathroom. Oh yes that has been fun too! 

I do have to say that our 12 year old daughter bless her heart has done most of the painting. Though she maybe only 12 she's truly more like a 30 year old. Completely more mature than her age. She helps me out a lot with the little ones. 

Not only have the little's been sick but then I decided that I wanted in on this fun and I too became sick, nothing compared to how sick they were but a stuffy runny nose and sore throat all the same. I'm feeling much better. I feel that I have to credit my getting well to using my oils. Yes, I am one of those people. I have to laugh because I hear so many people say things about those who use oils like we are some hippy living out of one of those buses and who doesn't go to a "real" doctor when sick just lives off the land kind of thing. No, I assure you I am not one of those people and not there is anything wrong with those kind of people if you are those kind of people. 

I guess I really started to change our lifestyle within the past few years or so. You can read all about it in my testimony 

I just did a huge overhaul of our life and the way we live it. I guess I realized there is so much more to life than living the way we were. I want to leave my children with something other than my debt and junk. I want to leave them something meaningful something that is long lasting... at strong relationship with God  I want to give them the gift of eternity.

So I got big into trying to live a good and full life free from any kind of health issues. This went really well.... considering having my appendix out and my gallbladder. Which I guess they came to find out you just might need your appendix... awesome. Just learning more about what we put into our bodies from what we eat to what we use to clean our house! It's crazy some of the things we use and the horrible things they put in them.

So then there were oils. I do a lot of reading and research on things. So I've looked into these oils and it's funny now that I'm older and have a family of my own that I've come to be into the more natural way's of medicine and such when all along these are the things my Grandma would do (thanks to being raised by my grandparents) I mean if you look at people over the years most of them lived to be fairly old, so I mean you have to think they were doing something right? Look at the statistics of people getting sick just within the past years.

In doing my research and reading other blog mom's I've learned a lot about oils and which kinds are the best. You have to be careful in buying oils to really read what goes into them. The best kind of oils to get are the rawest form of the oil without a bunch of extra things.

I know Young Living is fairly good oils to use as you can actually go to their farms and see where the plants are grown and how they are made. The best kinds of things to use or put in your body are those you can see how are made or where they come from. Well I did some research I have found that the best kind of oils to use are plant based oils. The kind of plant based oils that I have started using are Plant Therapy.

There is a box set of the top 6 oils that people use and a bigger box of oils with the link below. Not only are they cheaper than most oil's out there but the care and time they take to  make sure they are giving you the best oil there is and keeping it 100% pure and natural. The percentage that something needs to be consider "organic" or "natural" is very small. So what is the other percent made up of? Fillers. Things that you wouldn't consider to be "organic" or "natural". If you would like to do some research of your own you can check out their page here. Get the oils from Amazon from the links below!

Since using oils I haven't stopped! I think since I've really started using my oils my family has been getting sick a lot less. And with this recent cold I and the little's have had it not only shortened it but kept the symptoms minor. I know it seems like 2 weeks is a long time for someone to be sick, but to be fair Asher has been sick for the 2 weeks Cohen and I for a few days and I didn't start the oils until the start of this week.  So just by a couple days We are better. I mean the results really speak for them self.

My oldest has asthma and usually he will be sick for 2 weeks and maybe even lead to an ER visit and a stay in the hospital, but when I use my essential oils he's better in less than a week!
You can use most of the oils on your body, some are OK by them self but most would need a carrier oil such as coconut oil or almond oil, I've even used olive oil in a pinch. I usually diffuse my oils. Get my diffuser from the link below!

I love it! I got if for Christmas this year from my sister in law. It is a small one that changes colors so you can use it as a night light too! You can have it one color or have it change to different ones. When using these diffusers though I recommend using distilled purified or bottled water other wise you will have to clean it more for the build up which could ruin it if not careful.

I love it! I got if for Christmas this year from my sister in law. It is a small one that changes colors so you can use it as a night light too! You can have it one color or have it change to different ones. When using these diffusers though I recommend using distilled purified or bottled water other wise you will have to clean it more for the build up which could ruin it if not careful.

If you have small children as I do you have to be careful which oils you use and diffuse with them. Some oils are much too strong for the little ones. So they make a form of the oils which are diluted and you can dilute them your self you if you like but be very careful. I usually just stay clear of those types of oils just to air on caution or unless it say's kid safe. You can check out this blog to download a guide to what oils is OK for kids 2 and under here. You can order the box of kid safe oils below!

Well thank you for checking back and I hope that you and your family are staying well.


Thursday, February 01, 2018

It's been a while

Sorry for being absent lately. Life is a bit more chaotic after having babies back to back. Was not expecting our newest addition but it is a huge blessing and we wouldn't have it any other way. The gap between the 2 older ones is 2 1/2 years and the gap between the 2 younger ones is 1 1/2 years. Finding out your pregnant when your youngest isn't yet a year is a huge shock! 

You do not realize how much love you have until you have multiple children. It's like the more children  you have the more love and joy you have. I know that not every part of parenthood is glamorous, I mean I just had to clean poop off of my almost 2 year old's hands. But those are moments that once they are older you will think I'd give anything to have that little 2 year old with poop on his hands. 

I have my older kiddos so life isn't as crazy as it could be. Though having a 14 year old and a newly 12 year old isn't always fun. They are becoming more into their own and being more independent which is great do not get me wrong, but when they start thinking that they know more than me and that some how because they are a teenager and an almost teenager that suddenly the house rules do not apply to them. Trust me I nipped that in the butt very quickly. We are still working on it though. 

In becoming a family of 6 and a momma to 4 I've realized that it is important to take the time to spend with each of my kids one on one. (in case you are a little lost just check out my about me link to get to know me a little better) And in having 4 kids you realize they are all different. They need different things from me. The way that I handle a situation with one child differs from the other. I'm still learning. You would think by the first 2 I'd know what I'm doing... nope. I'm slowly starting to realize that I can not control everything and every situation. I've been trying to let go more. It's a big step for me. If you know me you understand. There have been lots of prayers for strength. I feel like I've come a long way in life. I truly am not the person I was years ago. Do not get me wrong, there are times she's will raise her ugly head, but for the most part it has been a huge overhaul of me and maybe the change is because of age, but I truly believe it has more to do with my walk with God and my faith. There have been moments in my life that I know I could not have gotten through had it not been for my faith and trust in God. I still have a long way to go, but I know that I will get there. I'm just hoping it's not before my children are grown and out of the house. The most important thing to me is to set a good example to my children and to lead them to God and have a relationship with him.

So as I start this journey of discovery and a new I hope you will follow along, and who know's maybe I might encourage you to do the same. 


Monday, November 20, 2017

Baby Feet

As mother's we have weird the things we want to keep or capture. Mine are babies lips, hands and feet. I will forever cherish my children. I will soak in what little time I have of my very last baby, for they do not stay babies for long.